Early Short Movies



These are my very first experiments with fiction and filming with friends. Sometimes they could look a bit naive, but I am proud of them and as they say in Naples, “kids are pieces of your own heart”. And they are.

Unione is my very first experiment with a camera and an old Premiere 5.5. It’s the exploration of a woman’s soul and the multiple identities we all are made of.

Es One was a more collective experiment. After collecting different reactions (either in writing or improvised on camera) to the sentence “You’ll never find it”, I’ve tried to create an edit that builds up as a metaphor for life. It’s, therefore, a cinematic walk from birth to death – and the routines of our daily lives in between.

S1 – Es One

Bite Me is a dark comedy. It has been the chance for me and my friends as a collective to try to emulate a full, proper zero-budget production process, from script to post-production.

In Italian, with English subs that you can activate from video settings.

Bite Me

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