InFront - Sports and Poker

Sports production for TV and Web

Extracts from videos edited for sports events at Infront
I have worked at Infront Italy, in Milan, for few years. There were two main projects I have been involved in. 
For different clients (TV and Web) we used to provide real-time edited highlights of many sports events, from MotoGP to Basket Euroleague. The two projects I have worked on the most, as a video editor, were SerieA Tim Football Championship and IIHF Hockey World Cup.
The second project was a series of different video productions for PokerStars, either for TV broadcast purposes or Social Media content. For the production of the show "Poker1Mania", broadcasted by national network Mediaset, my main role was as a video editor. But occasionally, during the shooting of the show, I have been assisting production at casinos, filming additional footage, and editing on-site.
Extracts of the productions for Pokerstars
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